My name is Artem Kovera. I’m an AI enthusiast and the author of this blog. A few years ago I was a Ph.D. student in molecular genetics.

At that time I got well acquainted with bioinformatics and also with some machine learning approaches, such as clustering. And I discovered for myself the realm of AI. I was fascinated with the idea that we can potentially get computers to think like human beings and I also realized that artificial intelligence has virtually unlimited potential. And I decided to completely change my career. So, I decided to give up genetics – although I really liked it – and started learning computer science and other disciplines related to AI.

I believe that strong AI and certain narrow types of AI can solve many really hard problems, including many ones in molecular and cellular biology, which no one can solve now.

In addition to AI, I’m also deeply interested in quantum computing.

I live in Odesa, Ukraine.

On this blog, I’ll be sharing my knowledge and experience with artificial intelligence and related technologies.

My GitHub: https://github.com/ArtemKovera