Major Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

It’s widely believed that the progress in the field of artificial intelligence has a potential to spawn a new technological revolution in the near future. Today, artificial intelligence already brings a lot of benefits to humanity.

Expert systems extracting meaning from big data

The total amount of data in digital format is constantly rapidly growing, and AI systems help researchers utilize those data. For example, IBM AI system Watson is currently being used in medicine.

Hundreds of articles in particular medicine research domains, such as cancer, for instance, are being published every single day, and it’s not surprising that doctors cannot read all those multiple articles. So,

AI expert systems are extremely valuable because they can process all those data. Very soon, we’ll definitely see the expansion of the use of expert AI systems like Watson in other various domains like business and engineering.

Automation of laborious and time-consuming jobs

Robots have long been used in factories in industrial countries. This usage of automated labor has rapidly increased production productivity and in many cases decreased the prices. In addition to industrial robots, there are also home robots helping people with their daily chores.

Artificial intelligence makes robots even more elaborate, which broadens the potential field of their application. Creating autonomous robots capable of functioning under uncertain conditions is still a very important challenge.

Autonomous transportation

Some autonomous cars already drive on our roads. Autonomous trucks, buses, and even, probably, planes will get prevalent in several years.

AI digital personal assistants

Many people use AI personal assistants like Siri, Cortana, or Amazon Echo on a daily basis. Most of such intelligent software can understand voice quires and commands in natural language.

Space exploring

AI software is currently being used on Mars rovers and other automated vehicles and equipment for space exploring.  Because of very long distances, these machines cannot be operated in real time, so they must be totally autonomous.

Caring for elderly people

The rapid aging of human population is a big problem in developed countries, which will certainly become even more serious. Robots caring for the elderly can partly solve this problem. Some types of such robots already exist.

The Internet

There are a huge number of websites harnessing benefits of AI. For example, search engines like Google use artificial intelligence to provide us with the best content, and social media like Facebook use artificial intelligence to make friend recommendations.  Also, artificial intelligence software connects customers with the products they likely to buy in digital stores like Amazon.

Content creation

Nowadays, AI can produce different types of content such as images, video, music or text.

In the military

Different military hardware like drones and various land vehicles can be equipped with intelligent software, so it can become autonomous on the battlefield and reduce casualties of war.

To sum up, the benefits of using artificial intelligence allow us to significantly increase the productivity of labor in many domains and, in some cases, even perform tasks which would be totally intractable without AI.


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