AI technologies for content creation

Using artificial intelligence (AI) for content creation is already a reality.

AI is a versatile set of various methods. As you probably know, modern AI is largely based on machine learning (ML).

One particular branch of ML has found its use in many areas, especially for solving complex tasks, such as different types of content generation.

This branch is called deep learning. Deep learning is almost always based on so-called deep neural networks.

These days, deep neural networks can generate images, music, text, and other types of patterns.

So, let’s dive deeper!!

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Building artificial general intelligence

This post is a chapter from my book “How to Create Machine Superintelligence

Artificial general intelligence is probably the holy grail of computer science. Despite tangible progress in machine learning in recent years, many computer scientists believe that we are still far away from creating really intelligence machines. They say that, probably, even human-level artificial general intelligence is still decades away. The main problem is that we have to incorporate machine learning systems with reasoning and planning. So, what can we do about that?

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